Liberalism is an Ideology of Parasites and Hypocrites

LiberalismArticle authored by John  Hawkins and appeared on and is courtesy of Town Hall.

Liberalism is an ideology of parasites, hypocrites, grievance mongers, victims, and control freaks. Like a tick, liberalism latches onto a victim and sucks him dry. Of course, a single tick can’t gorge itself on so much blood that it does to a dog what liberalism did to Detroit. It doesn’t turn the different parts of the dog against each other. The tick doesn’t tell everyone he’s a victim and that the dog is greedy if he tries to scratch it off. [Read more...]

Niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. Slams ‘Moral Bankruptcy’ Under Obama

Alveda KingArticle authored by Matthew Boyle and appeared on Breitbart.  Article is courtesy of

There is a “moral bankruptcy” that’s settled into leadership of America in the White House and throughout Washington, D.C., Dr. Alveda King—the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.—said in an interview last Friday morning. [Read more...]

NumbersUSA: Who Should Get the Next U.S. Jobs? More New Immigrants or America’s Jobless?

NumbersUSAArticle appeared on and is courtesy of NumbersUSA.

This ad is part of a national campaign informing Americans that nearly all U.S. job growth since the year 2000 has gone to new immigrants while millions of Americans who want a full-time job still can’t find one.

The ad questions whether Congress should continue to add 1 million more immigrants every year to compete for jobs or if the priority should be for the jobs to go to the Americans and legal immigrants already here who are still looking for work.


Read the script of the ad here.


To find out what each Senator thinks about who should get the next jobs — and to compare the immigration positions of candidates seeking to become a Senator — click here.


Congress Continues to Add One Million New Immigrants a Year to Compete for Jobs While Millions of American Workers Remain Unemployed and Underemployed

WASHINGTON, DC – October 15, 2014 – “Who should get the next jobs?” is the pointed theme of a seven-figure ad campaign launched today by NumbersUSA in markets across the country. The ad asks if Congress should continue adding one million new immigrants every year to compete for new jobs, or should the jobs go to the millions of American workers and legal immigrants already here who still can’t find work?

The ads are scheduled to run for several weeks in Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire and North Carolina. The campaign is funded by NumbersUSA, which has a non-partisan grassroots network of more than 2 million citizens who seek a reduction in annual immigration numbers.

“We’re urging every citizen to ask a very simple question of their Senators — and of anybody who wants to be a Senator,” said NumbersUSA President Roy Beck. “Who should get the next jobs? Do they think their constituents who are looking for work should have priority for jobs? Or are they committed to catering to special-interest groups and helping corporate lobbyists continue to flood the labor market with new foreign workers who, through no fault of their own, depress the wages and job prospects for workers already here?

“Polling shows that most Americans believe annual legal immigration should be reduced to improve the jobs and wages for American workers,” Beck said. “But many in Congress don’t agree.”

The ad notes that federal data show that nearly all job growth since the year 2000 has gone to foreign-born workers. During that time, the number of Americans who have fallen completely out of the labor market has risen to historically high levels. The wages for most working-class Americans, when adjusted for inflation, are lower now than in 1979.

“Despite the dismal wage and employment reports on American workers, most Members of Congress continue to favor high immigration of workers at all skill levels,” Beck said. “But polling shows the folks back home are far more interested in an immigration policy that protects America’s wage-earners and their families.”

Recent opinion research by The Polling Company/Woman Trend indicates Americans believe immigrants take jobs from Americans rather than create jobs and nearly 9 out of 10 believe U.S.-born workers and legal immigrants already here should get first preference for jobs.

Since 2007, special-interest groups have spent more than $1.5 billion on more than 3,000 lobbyists who have pushed passage of an immigration bill that would dramatically increase immigration. In mid-2013, the groups nearly succeeded when the US Senate passed S.744, a bill that would have doubled legal immigration over the next ten years. Many Senators who voted for S.744 have been distancing themselves from the bill recently. The bill has not been brought to the floor of the House of Representatives. tracks and grades every Member of Congress on actions that affect the numerical level of immigration. The website also compares the immigration positions of every candidate running for Congress.


TV AD: Who should get the next U.S. jobs? More new immigrants or America’s jobless? | NumbersUSA.

EPA Accused of Having a ‘Beyond Cozy’ Relationship with Liberal Green Group

The EPA-1Article authored by Kelsey Harkness and appeared on The Daily Signal.  Article is courtesy of

Republican lawmakers say the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency enjoys a “beyond cozy” relationship with a liberal environmental action group that seeks to reshape national energy policies in a way that would hurt American businesses and families. [Read more...]

Pro-Illegal Immigration Congressman Luis Gutierrez for President?

Luis GutierrezArticle authored by Stephen Dinan and appeared in The Washington Times.  Article is courtesy of

Stung by President Obama’s on-again, off-again attitude on immigration, one prominent activist is launching a Draft Gutierrez petition designed to convince Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, an Illinois Democrat, to run for president in 2016 as an independent. [Read more...]

Democrats Hiding Their Big Government ‘Status Quo’ Agenda from America

Big Government-Federalist PapersArticle authored by Matthew Boyle and appeared on Breitbart.  Article is courtesy of

Their big government agenda is so unpopular, Democrats are working to keep it hidden from the American people heading into election day, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) said in an interview Thursday. [Read more...]

Obama’s Narcissism Threatens National Security

Obama narcissism-1Article authored by David Limbaugh and appeared on CNS News.  Article is courtesy of

We mention President Obama’s narcissism not as an exercise in name-calling but because it continues to be relevant to how he conducts himself in office, and it’s not pretty.

This undeniable character trait was on full display in his interview with Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes,” in the sense that he simply cannot entertain the possibility, much less — infinitely less — admit the possibility that he has made a mistake or exercised poor judgment. [Read more...]

It’s Time for America to Have a Non-Partisan, National Strategic Agenda

National Strategy - FlagArticle authored by Nancy Jacobson and appeared on No Labels.  Article is courtesy of

If you wanted to distill the dysfunction in Washington down to one simple phrase, you could do a lot worse than this:  “All tactics, no strategy.”

In Congress, there are plenty of hearings being held and laws being proposed. In government agencies, there are countless programs, initiatives and imperatives. [Read more...]

U.S. Politicians Earn a Staggering $608 Per Hour

Rich get richerArticle authored by Tyler Durden and appeared on Zero Hedge.  Article is courtesy of

On the surface, earning $174,000 per year, while putting one solidly in the top 10% of all U.S earners, does not sound like much. This happens to be the 2014 allocated wage of America’s elected political representatives, the members of the House of Representatives. [Read more...]

What Sets Obama Apart is his Ideological Rigidity and Fathomless Ignorance

Obama is arrogantArticle authored by Bret Stephens and appeared in The Wall Street Journal.  Article is courtesy of

Serious people feel an obligation to listen whenever Barack Obama speaks. They furrow their brow and hold their chin and parse every word. They assume that most everything a president says is significant, which is true. They assume that what’s significant must also be well-informed. Not necessarily. [Read more...]

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