Is Obama Secretly Granting De-Facto Amnesty for 20 Million Illegal Immigrants? [video]

Executive orders-1Article authored by Steve Watson and appeared on Info Wars.  Article is courtesy of

A County Sheriff in Arizona has warned that the President’s executive order on immigration could see as many as twenty million illegal immigrants provided amnesty.

Appearing on Your World With Neil Cavuto, Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu pointed to a memo written by the Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, which cited the 20 million figure. [Read more...]

ALIPAC Calls for Obama, McConnell, and Boehner to be Removed From Power

McConnell Boehner and ObamaThis letter was authored by and appeared on Americans for Legal Immigration PAC’s website.

ALIPAC’s describes their mission as: ALIPAC supporters have a diverse range of opinions, yet we are united in the belief that more should be done to reduce illegal immigration. ALIPAC supports those that legally immigrate, but we do not support any amnesty, visa expansion, or “Guest Worker” program designed to reward illegal aliens or legalize their presence in the US.

Below is a copy of the open letter from ALIPAC: [Read more...]

“What if We Held an Election, but America’s President said it Didn’t Count?” [vido]

Conservative-Warchest-VideoArticle appeared on and is courtesy of

Conservative War Chest released a new ad over the Thanksgiving holiday in which they accuse President Obama of disregarding the mid-term elections results and listening to those who didn’t vote, as opposed to those who did.  The piece charges that Obama has in effect, crated his own political party of his closest friends and advisors and is ignoring the will of the American people. [Read more...]

Liberalism in Ruins as the Ideology Collapses

The Failure of Barack ObamaArticle authored by Victor Davis Hanson and appeared on the National Review Online.  Article is courtesy of

Obama’s hubristic promises have been followed by a total discrediting of his ideology – he will end his tenure with the ruin of Hope and Change. The implosion was brought about not by the marginalization of Hope and Change, but by the power of the U.S. government to reify the slogan in a way we have not seen since the 1930s.

Survey the wreckage. [Read more...]

How Obama Blatantly Disregards the Rule of Law

Obama disregards the LawArticle authored by Paul Sperry and appeared in The New York Post.  Article is courtesy of

President Obama likes to claim he’s been forced into rogue executive actions, laying the blame on an intransigent Congress. In fact, his lawlessness is coldly calculated, dating back to his days as a Chicago community organizer. [Read more...]

Government is Deluded About the Limits of Power

Government confused about the limits of powerArticle authored by Catherine Rampell and appeared in The Washington Post. Article is courtesy of

I hate to break it to you, dear readers, but our government is in the midst of an identity crisis.

If the revered Founding Fathers had clear-cut ideas about which branch of government does what, how the powers counterbalanced one another and how jurisprudence and justice are supposed to be carried out, it’s all gotten a bit jumbled in recent months. At all levels of government — federal, state and local — public officials are exhibiting behaviors and exercising powers that no dutiful acolyte of “Schoolhouse Rock!” would recognize. [Read more...]

False Media Myths About Republicans

The Republican PartyArticle authored by Mark Hemingway and appeared in The Weekly Standard.  Article is courtesy of

Ever since the Democrats were trounced in the midterm elections, they and the media have been trying to figure out how Republicans triumphed so thoroughly. Wasn’t the GOP supposed to be in permanent decline, on the wrong side of history, demography, and the issues? So far the soul searching has been almost nonexistent. [Read more...]

Emperor Obama’s War on the Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers-1Article authored by Virgil and appeared on Breitbart.  Article is courtesy of

As “Emperor Obama”—to cite a title applied to Barack Obama by House Speaker John BoehnerSenator Jeff Sessions, and others—proceeded with his plan to trample the Constitution by issuing an Executive Order on amnesty for illegals, perhaps it’s worth looking back to see how the authors of the Constitution might have reacted to such a crisis.  [Read more...]

Leaked Emails from Clinton Camp Prove Media Bias

Liberal Media biasArticle authored by Ed Rogers and appeares courtesy of

A leaked e-mail thread started by two Hillary Clinton operatives, Robby Mook and Marlon Marshal, has drawn some ire from Republicans who take offense at their message. Highlights include operatives calling themselves “Deacon” and “Reverend,” and threats to “smite Republicans mafia-style” and “punish those voters.”  Yawn.  Seems like Republicans are crying crocodile tears. [Read more...]

Obama’s Planned Amnesty is Latest in a String of Lawless Actions

Is Obama the Laweless PresidentArticle authored by Scott S. Powell and appeared on Investor’s Business Daily.  Article is courtesy of

Fresh off their midterm tidal wave, the Republicans now face the same dilemma as in the story line of “The Untouchables” — the 1987 classic about dealing with Al Capone in Chicago. As Sean Connery asked Kevin Costner, “What are you prepared to do?” [Read more...]

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